Website Design

Websites provide unlimited possibilities for interacting with your customers across the globe. A website has the power to help you showcase your brand to the world! Building loyalty and credibility is the function of a great site. Owning a website in today’s digitized world cannot be overestimated, as your potential for growth is limitless. A website serves as a central hub for your brand’s identity. A business without an optimized, well-designed, website will undeniably lose credibility when clients or interest groups visit online.

At 2KXO Agency, we never use the one size fits all approach, we create customized solutions which suits each individual client. We take into consideration the visual aspects, functionality and user experience on all user-facing digital assets.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is super effective for both physical and online bsunesses. Online brands must consider third-party sites linking to your sites, such as blogs, review sites, search engines, press articles and of course social media. While you focus on the business end we manage your social media and all other digital assets associated with your brand. The way you, your company is discussed online will usually reflect how reliable people think you are, how they feel about the quality of your business’ products and services, how they view your integrity. We also offer reputation management, which ensures your brand and its top executives are protected from damaging content. In the digital age, this is hugely important, especially for your current or future customers. Any damning information – even if is it completely false – could damage your reputation for years to come.

For physical/retail businesses we run massive local advertising campaigns to the entire community letting them know your business exists and has something great to offer. We publish your store locations to over 200 GPS Map Services, we also help brands implement customer or sales tracking software for their business which was developed to automate customer followups and boost sales over 200%!

At 2KXO Agency we create and execute effective marketing campaigns that ensure you a prominent position online or in the real world making your brand more attractive and top of mind for new and existing customers.

Content Marketing

There are a number of reasons why “Content is King” . The first is the use of content for marketing, which is considered the “new black” of marketing. It centers around the customers rather than the brand itself. It attracts more clients rather than interrupting them, essentially, your content should be more about the client than it is about your company. One of the best ways to maximize content marketing is to constantly engage your target audience using relevant attention grabbing content that addresses a need or problem while speaking to the end client’s emotional side rather than their logical side i.e. developing content around a brand’s offerings which will help your customers fulfill a need, solve a problem or simply learn something new.

At 2KXO Agency, we create highly engaging and timely content that resonates with your target audience, with the goal of gaining their trust whilst persuading them into taking action as soon as possible. We develop and distribute your content regularly throughout all viable marketing channels including your social media accounts, website and other third party sites in a clean uniform fashion.

App Development

Our app development team is made up of highly experienced and dedicated experts. From the initial mockup to the final build. We execute every project with unique state of the art development techniques, which ensures the creation of best in class applications that suit your requirements and meet the needs of your targeted end-users,

We have vast experience building Native applications from scratch in both iOS and Android. For all devices inluding Mobile Phones, Tablets and Televsions. We Designed and Developed over 50 apps in all industries such as Social media, E-commerce, Fintech, Ridesharing and Eatery just to name a few.

Choosing 2KXO Agency for your development project guarantees you a successful launch which is done within your deadline at the highest quality without compromise!