About Us

Brief History

2KXO Agency consists of an experienced team with over ten years’ of consumer and corporate level marketing experience.

We know the dynamics of a digitally connected world and understand the challenges today’s businesses face in reaching their target audience both on and offline. 2KXO Agency creates and executes cost-effective digital marketing strategies that appeal to, convert, and keep your audience engaged with your brand.

For physical/retail businesses we run massive local advertising campaigns to the entire community letting them know your business exists and has something great to offer. We publish your store locations to over 200 GPS Map Services, we also help brands implement customer or sales tracking software for their business which was developed to automate customer followups and boost sales over 200%!

We help you achieve your goals using cutting-edge digital marketing techniques. 2KXO Agency handles everything digital. We do full websites, landing pages, app development, social media management, content generation and management, SEO and much more. We leverage all these services to help your business increase customer acquisition and generate higher profits, which is always a good thing.

Agency Members

Benjamin Lewin

Content Strategist

Sohan Jay

Senior Project Manager

Rose Tellerman

Social Media Strategist

Patrick McCarthy

Senior Design Specialist

Tonya Walton

Press Distribution Specialist


Brands we’ve worked on and are currently working with.
We work smart to help our clients achieve and maintain a superior online presence. The result is increased visibility which in turn increases the return on investment!

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